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Live a Dignified Life

Live a Dignified Life By Sun Yan (Translated by F. Chen) Today I chatted with a new friend on WeChat. He lives in Beijing. He asked me how long I have been in US. I told him I’ve lived in the U.S. …

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Benefits of Chess

Benefits of Chess by Shirley Cheng   It is commonly held belief that playing chess makes you smarter. Within the field of chess players, there is no consensus as to whether or not this is true. However, there is one belief that …

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Hackathon by Selynna Sun   When people hear the word “hacking,” many associate that with illicit activities that exploit various types of modern computer technology.  However, for the many people involved in the tech industry, that’s only what it means some of …

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Does Class Size Matter?

A subject that encompasses everyone’s life is school. School, or education, has been a hotly debated topic throughout the nation, and this is not without reason. School sets the framework for the nation. Many times, politicians will state that “children are our …

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Who to Be

By Isabelle Jia Personally, I struggle to understand the concept of the constant judgement of every peculiar thing that people in our society do nowadays. The thoughts that run through our minds such as, “Will people notice if I wore this jacket …

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