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The Tech That Makes You Fly

By Michael Chang For millennia, mankind has invested in technology to let us take to the skies. From lighter-than-air machines of the 18th century to modern aircraft clocking in at 640 tonnes, numerous technological advances have made it possible to carry passengers …

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Global Warming

By Roger Kim It is no secret that weather patterns are becoming increasingly erratic. Chilly weather and summer rains in California and increasingly powerful hurricanes in the tropics are clear signs of this change. Many scientists, among others, attribute the changing climate …

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Deep Sea Exploration

By David Zhang The vast ocean has always been full of danger and unpredictableness since its creation. Yet many brave people have dared to sail across it. But the depths of the ocean are still to be fully explored. The 5 deeps …

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The Dark Side of Social Media

By Evan Li Social media nowadays is a significant part of our daily lives. However, many people don’t even realize the harm social media can inflict on them. Whether its grades or cyberbullying, social media can have a very dark side. Social …

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Zhuhai Bridge Construction

By Kevin Zhang Recently in October, the Zhuhai Bridge spanning the distance between Hong Kong and Macau formally opened and President Xi Jinping of China has attended the opening ceremony. The $20 Billion project began in 2009, and in February, after nine …

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What is Blockchain?

by David Zhang What is Blockchain? Blockchain is a “chain” that consists of a list of records, which was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. It removes the need for a central authority to verify a transaction for digital currencies. One main …

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Vertical Farming

By Bo W. The world’s explosive population growth is quickly outpacing the expansion of farming land. While we desperately need to secure more land for food, continued population growth will also mean a greater demand for the conversion of land into residential …

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GPS for Tracking Tumors

Medicine has come a long way, but it’s still is not quite possible to see inside a living person without invasive measures. Knowing the location of a tumor is lifesaving, but investigating inside the human body often requires cutting open a patient …

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Google’s Censored Search

David Zhang The great firewall. It is a firewall that blocks sites not approved by China’s communist regime. This includes many popular social media and news sites such as Facebook and Google. As a result, Chinese sites such as Baidu and WeChat …

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