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Eric Guo

Driving in the Clouds

By: Bryan Wu Aeromobil is a company that has been dreaming, for the last 5 years, about a flying car. A car that you can drive on the ground as well as fly in the air is a very popular idea. How …

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Interview with Dublin Mayor Candidate

By: Max Zhuang Max Zhuang: Why did you decide to be involved in politics and what are you running for? David Haubert: I will be running for Mayor of Dublin and my involvement started when I first moved to Dublin. My daughter …

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Dinner with the Secretary of State

By: Max Zhuang On Dec 5, 2014, Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association (APAPA) held a celebratory dinner for its youth volunteers at “Chinese Cuisine”. Many young Asian Americans, mostly high school students, gathered to celebrate their accomplishments in voter registration …

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Xiaomi’s Fight Against Apple

By: Eric Guo Xiaomi, the world’s third largest cellphone distributor, recently announced a new phone that is comparable to Apple’s iPhone 6. The Chinese manufacturer’s Mi Note starts at 2,299 ($375) yuan and goes up to 3,299 yuan ($530) for a 64 …

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Circulating Tumor Cells

By: Jian Xu A typical cancerous tumor contains millions or even billions of cells harboring genetic mutations driving them to grow, divide, and invade the local tissue in which they’re embedded. However, as the cells proliferate, they don’t all stay in the …

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