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Jerry Xu

Choosing Extracurricular Activities

By Mihika Badjate I remember as a seventh grader, attending the start-of-school assembly and being absolutely mind blown by the number and diversity of electives offered. That feeling returned in the second semester of eighth grade when I realized it was time …

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Joining Too Many Clubs: Is It Worth It

By Sid Samel Extracurriculars are one of the most important aspects of every student’s academic career. They are a way for students to pursue their own interests, often with fewer restrictions than normal classes with the added benefit of being surrounded by …

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Reducing Student Stress and Depression

Click for Report: 2015 High School Student Stress and Wellness Survey from the teen perspective CUPERTINO, Calif. – A recent study involving over 1,400 students showed that nearly 1 in 4 high school students in the bay area are highly likely to have …

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Walking in the Livermore Rodeo

By: Alex Wang The Livermore Rodeo is an annual tradition dating back to the early 1900s. Last Saturday, I had the wonderful opportunity of walking in its parade, as one of the supporters of Catherine Baker, the local assemblywoman. The Rodeo has …

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How to Start From Scratch

By: Cherri Wang Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) began a few years ago as a small organization  compiled of students ready to positively impact society. It was difficult to start completely  from scratch and fundraise without experience since most members were unfamiliar with …

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