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Global Environment


Submitted by Selena Guo Bees, an extremely integral part of our ecosystem and economy, are going extinct. Economically speaking, the annual value of crops pollinated by bees is estimated to be worth $170 billion. Furthermore, bees support entire ecosystems by providing food …

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How likely are animal attacks?

How scared would you be if you found a mountain lion sitting near your house? Probably less scared than the mountain lion itself would be. Earlier this month, a well known mountain lion named P-22 was found to have crawled into the …

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Bacteria are very interesting creatures.  A lot of people think of them and think “Oh, bacteria are deadly.  They’re responsible for a lot of diseases that we get.”  That may be true, but they’re double edged swords.  They’re everywhere, from inside our …

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Environment is the aggregate of surrounding things, conditions, or  influences. Littering, wasting food, wasting paper, pollution, wasting electricity, toxic chemicals, improper disposal, car travel, air travel, landfill, pesticides, ozone depletion, sea level rise, radioactive materials, and acid rain all harm the environment. …

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By Sharon Wang Haze has become a serious issue in China, and more and more people are realizing the damage of haze. According to the scientific definition, haze is an atmospheric phenomenon where dust, smoke and other dry particles obscure the clarity …

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