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Walking in the Livermore Rodeo

By: Alex Wang The Livermore Rodeo is an annual tradition dating back to the early 1900s. Last Saturday, I had the wonderful opportunity of walking in its parade, as one of the supporters of Catherine Baker, the local assemblywoman. The Rodeo has …

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How to Start From Scratch

By: Cherri Wang Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) began a few years ago as a small organization  compiled of students ready to positively impact society. It was difficult to start completely  from scratch and fundraise without experience since most members were unfamiliar with …

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Dublin Chinese Association Youth Music Concert

By: Jerry Lai On Jan 4, 2015, Global Leadership Initiative helped out with Dublin Chinese Association (DCA), who hosted their first ever music performance. The show, hosted at the Trinity Church in Pleasanton, started at 3:00 PM in the afternoon and ended …

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GLI Math Club

By: Angela Luo – Math Madness: High school students help younger peers gear up for upcoming math competition in Pleasanton, California – Every Saturday afternoon, around 20 middle school students gather in a small classroom to put their math skills to the …

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Interview with Dublin Mayor Candidate

By: Max Zhuang Max Zhuang: Why did you decide to be involved in politics and what are you running for? David Haubert: I will be running for Mayor of Dublin and my involvement started when I first moved to Dublin. My daughter …

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Dinner with the Secretary of State

By: Max Zhuang On Dec 5, 2014, Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association (APAPA) held a celebratory dinner for its youth volunteers at “Chinese Cuisine”. Many young Asian Americans, mostly high school students, gathered to celebrate their accomplishments in voter registration …

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