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Spring into action

By: Catherine Tu Spring break is a time to frolic outside and inhale the pervasive scent of Mother Nature regenerating itself after a long, chilly winter. Many families plan trips to popular destinations, but a pleasant vacation to Disneyland quickly turns foul …

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Five Destinations in China

By: Megan Ren The Great Wall One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall weaves dragon-like across 5,500 miles of China’s northern border. This iconic structure was built during the Qin Dynasty and is thought to be the only …

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Remembering Nelson Mandela

“Troublemaker” was what Nelson Mandela’s given name, Rolihlahla, meant in Xhosa. Coincidently, Mandela caused plenty of trouble for the apartheid National Party by leading the African National Congress and advocating against segregation. Mandela was prominent political leader and a man with many …

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DIY: Easy, Fun, and Creative

By: Lydia Li The beauty of gift-giving lies in the thought put into the gift. Everyone loves personalized gifts, so why not make them yourself? Here are 3 simple and easy Do-It-Yourself projects for you to try at home!  Peppermint Sugar Scrub …

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Traditional Chinese Food

By Catherine Tu Chinese culture has many traditions, including Spring Festival (春节), Lantern Festival (元宵节), Dragon Boat Festival (端午节), and Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节). Though each of these festivals celebrate different ideas or aspects of life, an important part of all of these …

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Staycation Ideas

By Catherine Tu Sure, vacations  are fun. They let you relax and spend quality time with the family in a different, exciting atmosphere. However, they can also be stressful, as they require a lot of preparation, and they can also be expensive. …

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