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Girl Power

By: Helen Wu From the beginning of history till recently commonly accepted theory, women are deemed inferior to men. In the Bible, woman was created by using one bone of man. In Darwin’s The Descent of Man, men attained “a higher eminence” …

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Constructive Environment Protection

By Zhinan Lin Many environment protection activists call for clean air and water, resource conservation, and less pollution of the city. This is a great effort that will benefit generations of children in the future. However, there is the fundamental question of …

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Are Robots Dominating Our World?

By: Allison Jia The truth is, robots are slowly taking over our world. But rather than the “evil robots overthrowing the world” theory we commonly think of, robots have truly helped us in many ways. From military service to space and underwater …

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Social Media Challenges

By: Annie Yang These past few years, the Internet has been filled with “memes” and “challenges” on social media. Some challenges are fun and for a good cause, such as the mannequin challenge and the ALS ice bucket challenge, but majority of …

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How Many Different Ways to Say Hello?

By: Allison Jia   Although America is often described as a “melting pot” of different people and cultures, a shocking 80% of its citizens are monolingual. Perhaps this is due to the frequent misconceptions that everybody around the world should already know …

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The Journey of Immigrants

By Allison Jia Children complain. We complain about how our parents always push us so hard, wonder why they always yell at us, and ask ourselves why they are never satisfied. We feel the need to always be up-to-date about the smallest …

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