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Private School: Pros and Cons

Submitted by: Helena Li Private school students often have a bad reputation. Many consider them to be rich and elitist. Although many may fall under this category, not everyone is snobby and stuck up, and private school students have struggles of their own. …

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How to Win the Game of College Admissions

Submitted By: Clara Lin Between the months of September and April, the words “ED”, “Ivy League”, and “SAT score” fill high school hallways and weave their way into lunchtime conversations. College application season brings the excitement of possibility and a new life …

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Winter Break in a Nutshell

Submitted By: Denise School breaks are something we all look forward to. But let’s be real- I think we all come to realize that it’s mostly boring and joyless, with a few days of actual vacation. Take my winter break, for example. …

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Submitted By: Jessica Lee   Art is always a class I look forward to during the school day. This class is filled with different exciting projects for students to work on. It allows students to unleash their creative ideas, and to be …

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Different Types of Teachers

Submitted By: Margaret Li   In today’s society, many go to school to learn, to get into a good college, to have a good future. This, however, is on the teachers to transfer their knowledge to you. Whether you like your teacher …

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A Letter to Freshman Me

Submitted By: Alex Li Dear Freshman Me,   As the November 30 University of California application deadline came and passed, I can look back upon the last two months with a sigh of relief. The gruelling parts are over: preparing and taking …

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Snapshot: Are Grades Important?

Submitted By: Anonymous Much of the time, high school students spend their attention on grades and standardized tests and are less focused on other talents and hobbies. This is because there is a common perception that colleges focus only on quantifiable data …

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The Benefits of Location

Source: http://www.evenfallweb.com/tips-for-selling/

Submitted By: Jessica Lee Over the past week, my family has moved to a new house. This new house is very close to my current school, Monta Vista High School. The moving process was long and hard as I only had a …

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