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What is it like to study in the US

Submitted By ZhuYiBo Hello, everybody! I’m Andy Zhu. I’m a high school student in the United States. I studied in China for a long time before moving to the U.S. I’m going to tell you what it is like to be studying …

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Benefits and Negatives of Finals in Junior High

Submitted By: Katherine Han Many students today are taking finals in junior high. Junior high seems like an early time to start taking finals, something that you normally would take in high school. To many people, it does seem early, however, there …

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Drama Class

Submitted By: Jessica Lee Ever since school started, one of my favorite classes has been Drama. Drama has been a place for me and other students to relax, and for us to take ourselves away from the stresses of school. Whenever I …

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Chinese Schools

Submitted By: Josie Huang Who here goes to Chinese school? If you do, have you ever wondered about your school’s teaching methods, the words you learn, or the amount of homework? Is your school different from other schools? In the Bay Area, …

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Positives and Negatives of Community Service

Submitted By: Katherine Han Many schools these days require a certain amount, an hour requirement, of community service. Community service is a way for students to go out and do something they may not have done otherwise. Oftentimes, community service can build …

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The Start of High School

Submitted By: Jessica Lee I have been in high school for around two weeks, and I am slowly adapting to the new environment. I have experienced many changes already that make high school different from middle school. Firstly, teachers have higher expectations. …

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My Journey to High School

Submitted By: Michelle Tang When I graduated from middle school, I was definitely thinking about high school. Starting high school was obviously a gigantic step towards adulthood, and towards the future, so I was actually a bit nervous. Whenever I met an …

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A World Without the Arts

Submitted By: Katherine Han Many schools are running out of money.  Often times, their solution is to cut the arts in school: no more music, art, dance, or theater. Without the arts, the world would be dull. The U.S. has a low …

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Snapshot: Student Sleep

Source: https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2868/9688947112_56362f2002.jpg

Waking up at 6:30 AM and sleeping at 12:00 AM, the typical student who attends my local high school sleeps around 7 hours per night. Having recently transitioned from summer vacation back to school, students in my region have slowly began to …

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