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To Uniform or Not to Uniform

Submitted By: Katherine Han Most private schools, in this age, either have uniforms or require students to wear uniforms. Although a portion of the schools have uniforms, there is also a number of schools, private or public, that do not have school …

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An Ideal School Lunch

Source: http://littlegreendot.com/3-healthy-lunch-bowl-recipe-ideas/

Submitted By: Jessica Lee One of my favorite times during the school day is lunch. Lunch at school is a time for me to relax, eat, and spend time with friends. At my current school, Kennedy Middle School, students either bring lunch …

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Going Beyond the Textbook

By Albert Zeng Traditionally, teachers teach their class through a textbook, but one teacher from Monta Vista High School in California goes beyond that. Business teacher Carl Schmidt from Monta Vista High School shares how he teaches by allowing his students to …

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SAT: In with the New, Out with the Old

Source: https://lucyostonehill.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/sat-1.jpg

Current SAT vs. Redesigned SAT The current SAT I test that we all know and love has been around since 2005, about 10 years ago. But beginning January 2016, the Collegeboard will be implementing a modified SAT I test, with several drastic …

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Benefits of the SAT and the AP

As a student, you may have heard of the numerous rumors behind why you should or should not take AP courses or the SAT. Perhaps you are considering AP courses or the SAT just because everyone else is as well. Perhaps the …

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A Vast Selection

Source: http://www.howcast.com/videos/510057-5-Tips-for-Singing-on-Stage-Singing-Lessons

Submitted By: Jessica Lee On February 9th, I attended the course and elective information at Monta Vista High School for incoming eighth graders. On that night, I remember walking into a room filled with many elective and club choices. One of the …

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Personal Story on Learning Chinese

Hi! I’m Jay, a 16 year old senior at Homestead High School in California. My experiences learning Chinese are much shorter than most, only 3 years. However, in those 3 short years, I have learned a lot more than just a new …

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Zhong Dian Ban (重点班)

By: Jay Kamat  In China, there is a system called “zhong dian ban” that allows high performing students to have access to better educational resources. While similar to Advanced Placement courses in America, and International Baccalaureate classes elsewhere, “zhong dian ban” is …

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