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Thanksgiving Traditions in School

By Kevin Bryan Thanksgiving is a holiday that most people enjoy celebrating at home with family and friends. The first foods we often think of are a sumptuous oven-roasted turkey and the most beautifully seasoned mashed potatoes. Some may even think of …

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College Videogame Scholarships

By Derek Dong From their conception, video games have been a heated point of contention between kids and their parents. Parents felt genuine concern when their children played into the early hours of the morning. Often times the children themselves wouldn’t even …

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Class Fixes

By Ajay Krishnan School is a necessary aspect of our lives, shaping the way we are with good and bad experiences. However, one of the most overlooked areas is also one of the most basic: classes. They are the majority of time …

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What is Senioritis?

By Krystal Yang Senioritis. A word that modern high-schoolers like to toss around when they procrastinate on homework, show up late to class, or suddenly call in “sick” on Friday. As a senior myself, I often catch myself complaining about “senioritis” during …

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Homework – A Poem

By Ajay Krishnan   A problem that is perennial With no solution in a vial Every student, no matter how irked Is predisposed to homework   Throw yourself into this muddle Without any team huddle Relinquish civility, unleash the savage No more …

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Therapy Dogs in Schools

By Julie Broch Therapy dogs have been used in many schools throughout the nation to provide comfort and support to the students, as well as reduce stress. These dogs also make the students feel as though there is a bond between them, …

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