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Joining Too Many Clubs: Is It Worth It

By Sid Samel Extracurriculars are one of the most important aspects of every student’s academic career. They are a way for students to pursue their own interests, often with fewer restrictions than normal classes with the added benefit of being surrounded by …

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Tests Do Not Make the Teacher

By Krystal Yang We all imagine the same scenario when the phrase “in preparation for standardized testing” is spoken in class: a teacher stands at the front of the classroom and reads sentences from a textbook or state-certified testing instruction manual while …

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How to Avoid Procrastination

By R. Brady Procrastination. As an extremely common factor with schoolwork, procrastination plagues students and causes them to finish assignments minutes before a due date. I am also a huge victim of procrastination, and I often find myself up past midnight trying …

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Campus Sexual Assault

by Anonymous *from report published by Palo Alto Online. “We have definitely worked with some students whose universities have tried to cover up their assaults, have tried to silence them.” Isn’t it sad that high school and college campuses take plagiarism more …

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Tips for Junior Year

By Mihika Badjate   Junior year is almost universally known as the most difficult year of high school. It is not only accompanied by a sharp increase in workload but also the year that matters the most for college admissions. Here are …

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Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing

By Mihika Badjate   To most high school students, standardized testing is a necessary evil. While most students would rather be doing anything other than taking a four hour long test on a Saturday morning, standardized testing is the only way that …

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