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Tech/ Science

The Kill Switch

By: Dan Imagine having a switch that could wipe out an entire species. Sounds intense, right? Well, this type of switch is currently being sewn into the DNA of many different organisms through GMO Technology. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, and …

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Driving in the Clouds

By: Bryan Wu Aeromobil is a company that has been dreaming, for the last 5 years, about a flying car. A car that you can drive on the ground as well as fly in the air is a very popular idea. How …

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Batteryless Cameras

By: Dan Imagine yourself in a beautiful, remote place with your digital camera. You take picture after picture, enjoying yourself as you find yourself taken over by the scenery. Suddenly, your battery runs out. How annoying would that be? Well, fear not. …

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The Ford GT

  by: Bryan Wu   The Ford GT is a Sports car manufactured by Ford Motor Company. It was produced from 2005-2006, and is one of the most loved sports cars to this day.  When first released, demand outpaced supply. A total …

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Xiaomi’s Fight Against Apple

By: Eric Guo Xiaomi, the world’s third largest cellphone distributor, recently announced a new phone that is comparable to Apple’s iPhone 6. The Chinese manufacturer’s Mi Note starts at 2,299 ($375) yuan and goes up to 3,299 yuan ($530) for a 64 …

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Circulating Tumor Cells

By: Jian Xu A typical cancerous tumor contains millions or even billions of cells harboring genetic mutations driving them to grow, divide, and invade the local tissue in which they’re embedded. However, as the cells proliferate, they don’t all stay in the …

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