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Easy Piano

By: Dan

Learning an instrument can be a pain. It takes years of practice, study, and work to master an instrument. But thanks to modern technology, this process can be marginally easier than before.

Yamaha has created a new electronic piano that uses cool bits of technology to teach you how to play piano. Using an iPad, you can upload any song you like to the piano, and it will come up with a piano score that you can change depending on how difficult you want it. The coolest feature by far is what I call the “piano hero.” Colored lights show up on a display that “fall” towards the keys, similar to guitar hero. This allows the user to see in real time when to hit which note. It is the perfect tool to help beginners, making learning new pieces much easier.

This is an awesome piano, but it is still a bit limited in the songs that it can analyze. It has a hard time coming up with scores for songs that have rapidly changing tempos or pitches. But it is fantastic for new piano players to understand how to read scores and when to hit notes, and it makes practicing much more fun by allowing you to play the songs that you like.

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