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Are Robots Dominating Our World?

By: Allison Jia

The truth is, robots are slowly taking over our world. But rather than the “evil robots overthrowing the world” theory we commonly think of, robots have truly helped us in many ways. From military service to space and underwater exploration to performing surgeries, these robots play crucial roles in helping us serve the community.

Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EODs) robots help determine bombs from harmless materials and even help to deactivate them, saving thousands of lives which would have been endangered by doing these dangerous tasks. Robots have also been used in armies to scope out approaching enemies, effectively detonate bombs, and even help transport medical equipments around different camps. Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) must brave through the harsh environments of both the deep sea and space, bringing together scientists from around the globe to study these foreign terrains to understand our world a little better. Many of NASA’s space missions would not be possible without the assistance of these rovers. The industry of robot assisted surgery has also boomed in the past few years. The detailed precision and well-designed programs allow for surgeries to be done when the surgeon is halfway across the world. Additionally, more and more robots are being used in our day to day lives, whether helping in fight crime with the police, fixing public works, or harvesting agriculture.

Each robot has a way to benefit our society one way or another. Truly, our lives would not be the same without robots. The next time you watch another evil robot movie, remember all the good they bring into our lives before swearing off robots forever.

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