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Six-Year-Old Saves Drowning Cousins

By Hanjie Zou

A 6-year-old boy from Louisiana is praised as a little hero for his brave behavior after what could have been a horrific accident earlier this month.

Branson Lee of Calhoun, Louisiana, noticed that his 21-month-old twin cousins, Isaac and Kaden Kelley, had fallen into the family pool by accident. Even though Branson couldn’t swim, the little boy chose to jump into the shallow end immediately and pull them out of the water.  

When Branson got the twins out, he started yelling for help, which caught the attention of the rest of the family inside the house who didn’t realize the children had gotten into the backyard. Branson even attempted to do chest compression, something he learned from watching his mother practice CPR on his cousins. Thanks to Branson’s bravery, his cousins managed to survive their near death experience.

Reference: ABC News


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