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Serena Mao

The Gun Control Debate

By Vincent Huang After the tragic incident that occurred in Parkland, Florida, many people, as well as the federal government, reignited the gun control debate. There are many pros and cons for tighter gun control. One point that supports more stringent gun …

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Voluntourism: More Harm Than Good

By Serena Mao A whopping 1.6 million voluntourists––tourists volunteering on vacation––visit a wide range of countries annually. Whether they aspire to act as a role model for lonely orphans, repaint the interior of dusty schoolhouses, or construct homes from the ground up …

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Grade Inflation

By Kevin Bryan Getting the coveted A in school is viewed as an achievement, but it seems as though getting straight A’s is becoming increasingly common. When applying to top tier colleges, having a 4.0 is often essential to even enter the …

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