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Don’t Suppress Your Negative Emotions

By: Eileen Guo Addressing anger or sadness at home or in a relationship can be difficult, but beneficial. It’s no secret that suppressing emotions can be damaging to health. Studies show that people who don’t address their emotions experience lower overall well-being, …

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My Dad

By: Alex Bao While my childhood was spent in an industrial harbor city, my dad was raised during the onset of Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution; I grew up immersed in singing melodies each morning, whereas my dad grew up in the earthy …

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Sleepless Nights

By: Haley Parrett As any Gunn student may know, sleepless nights are a part of the “Gunn experience”. Whether you are doing homework, playing video games, finishing a painting, watching a movie, facetiming friends, or cramming for the SAT, most (if not …

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Wellness at Gunn High School

By: Sarah Chang I would like to share my thoughts about students’ wellness at Gunn. All of this is solely based on my personal experience and is not written to denounce or condemn anyone in any way shape or form. Personally, I …

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How to Break Bad Habits

By: Eileen Guo We all have a bad habit or two we could stand to lose, but habits are hard to break. Whether your bad habit is procrastinating, overspending, swearing, or any other one you want to change, here are a few …

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Hair Care Routine for Men

Usually men do not speak about scalp-care or skincare openly, mainly because of gender stereotypes. However, men need a proper grooming routine as much as women do. Even if you have an extremely busy schedule, it’s still necessary to keep your hair …

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How to Cook Oatmeal

By: Derek Dong Often times when you wake up in the morning – groggy, tired, and a little late – you just don’t want to cook something. So you throw open your fridge and realize that you literally can’t be bothered to …

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Wash Your New Clothes!

By: Eileen Guo If you’re the type who dons new duds without washing them first, there’s a chance you may pay a price for it a few days later: a red, itchy, painful price. Allergic contact dermatitis is an immune system-related reaction …

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Music: A Form of Creativity

By: Will Wu What is music? How do people now define music? By searching online and in a dictionary, I found out that the definition of music is an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotion in significant forms …

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