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How to Cook Oatmeal

By: Derek Dong Often times when you wake up in the morning – groggy, tired, and a little late – you just don’t want to cook something. So you throw open your fridge and realize that you literally can’t be bothered to …

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Wash Your New Clothes!

By: Eileen Guo If you’re the type who dons new duds without washing them first, there’s a chance you may pay a price for it a few days later: a red, itchy, painful price. Allergic contact dermatitis is an immune system-related reaction …

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Music: A Form of Creativity

By: Will Wu What is music? How do people now define music? By searching online and in a dictionary, I found out that the definition of music is an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotion in significant forms …

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Bionic Glue

By: Brian Wu Scientists have recently invented a reversible superglue that mimics snail mucus, which in recent tests was strong enough to withstand the weight of an adult. Scientists tested this superglue and found that 2 square centimeters of sticky blocks were …

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Visual Arts

By: Eileen Guo Visual and performing arts are an essential part of the American education system. I’ve been interested in arts my whole life and recently started immersing much of my time in drawing, painting, graphic design, and video production.  Walking into …

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By: Katherine Han I have lived in a small corner of Cupertino, California my whole life. I was born and raised in Cupertino. Growing up in Cupertino, I’m naturally exposed to both the glistening side of Cupertino, and the run-down, dreary side. …

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One Punch Man

By: Alex Bao In 2009, a character was created that would forever change the way we think of superheroes. This character was One-Punch Man. The creator, a man simply known as On, created One-Punch Man originally, as a webcomic. Part superhero comic, …

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How Some Stress Can Be Good For You

Stress is often viewed as an exclusively negative sensation: Work deadlines pile up, family drama takes its toll, busy schedules wear us thin and we wind up drained. Stress occurs when someone feels an imbalance between a challenge and the resources they …

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