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Brazil Fires

Christina Hua Burning lands is a tactic often used by farmers to clear the land, get rich nutrients in the soil, and re-start their planting. Though risky, most of the time it pays off, leaving farmers with good land to work with. …

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Greenland’s Massive Melting

By Owen Xu Li Greenland’s massive ice supply is about the same size as Alaska and contains enough ice to raise global sea levels by 20 feet. Unfortunately, Greenland’s ice sheet melted for the first time since July 2012 and the third …

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Hurricane Dorian

By Kevin Bryan The news about Hurricane Dorian has been picking up, as the storm has quickly grew from a category two storm in the eastern Caribbean to the category five that it is currently surging towards the Florida coast. It hit …

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The Fifth Geneva Convention?

By: Serena Mao The number of Geneva Conventions has remained at 4: a number that has long been unchanged. The conventions have been used to pass international agreements regulating the humanitarian treatment of citizens during times of war. However, most recently, scientists …

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India’s Tiger Population Grows

By: Christina Hua Humans and animals have been conflicting since the beginning of time, but as time went on, humans developed better weapons and animal populations began to drop. However, due to the multiple endangered species around the world, people began to …

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Californian Heatwave Kills Mussels

Christina Hua California is known for its beaches up and down it’s coast, many of which retain their warm waters year round. Unfortunately for the mussels in Bodega Bay, the heat isn’t something to be happy about. Due to the recent heatwave, …

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Pollution in the Gulf of Mexico

Christina Hua Almost a decade ago, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf of Mexico, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Unfortunately, now, it seems as though the Gulf is facing more trouble.  Due to the rainfall this year, polluted water all …

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