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Georgia Han

Bruce, the Car Salesman

By Jennifer Hao A car salesman, a car salesman? A car salesman! That is the one of the most loathed professions in our society. Every time I go out for lunch passing through that car dealership,  I would look over that row …

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Concealed Handguns in the USA

By Timothy Ding Many people in the US carry concealed weapons; regulating these weapons is a major issue. In most locations in the USA, gun control is allowed but often restricted. There are several locations that have different forms of gun control. …

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Searching for Monta Vista student Connor

[Update 4/24/2015] the missing 17-year-old boy Connor has returned home, the Santa Clara County Sheriff said late Thursday. ———————————————–             You have probably heard that police are searching for MV student, Connor Sullivan, missing since Monday this …

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