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Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing

By Mihika Badjate   To most high school students, standardized testing is a necessary evil. While most students would rather be doing anything other than taking a four hour long test on a Saturday morning, standardized testing is the only way that …

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JEA Conference: A Reflection

By Katherine Han   Back in April, I attended the JEA conference for three days with some of my friends from school. The JEA (Journalism Education Association) conference is a conference that was held in Seattle that is tailored towards students participating …

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Advice for Middle Schoolers

By Lauren Watt Enjoy these three years! Your grades and the classes you take don’t really affect your future, so make sure to take classes you’re ACTUALLY interested in! Drama, industrial tech, choir, cooking—go take them all. Middle school is the perfect …

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The Importance of Sleep

By Katherine Han   There have been countless nights when I have not gotten enough sleep to fuel me for a whole day of school. It starts with a large load of homework, a limited amount of time to finish it all, …

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Community Service in School

By Cindy Guo In most schools, there is a community service requirement. At my school, you must complete at least 20 hours of community service within your 4 years and at least 100 hours of service to write on your transcript. However, …

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Speaking Up for School

By Krystal Yang It is easy to distinguish a high-school debater from any regular student. Debaters speak in complicated jargon, always have something to say in discussions, and jump for joy when teachers say the class will be expected to “debate” on …

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Pushing Back School Start Time

By Mihika Badjate Brrrrinng-Brrring. The jarring sound of your alarm shocks you out of a lovely dream, reminding you that it’s the start of yet another school day. It seems it was only a few seconds ago that you were struggling to …

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Advice to Underclassmen

By Lauren Watt To freshmen: Welcome to high school! You’re on a long, long journey, and I hope you enjoy it. The bigger school, new people, and tremendous workload can definitely be intimidating. Just take it slow. The transition can take a …

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