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Pushing Back School Start Time

By Mihika Badjate Brrrrinng-Brrring. The jarring sound of your alarm shocks you out of a lovely dream, reminding you that it’s the start of yet another school day. It seems it was only a few seconds ago that you were struggling to …

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Advice to Underclassmen

By Lauren Watt To freshmen: Welcome to high school! You’re on a long, long journey, and I hope you enjoy it. The bigger school, new people, and tremendous workload can definitely be intimidating. Just take it slow. The transition can take a …

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Summer Jobs

By R. Brady As July drags into August and the cool September weather starts to clash against the summer heat, students often reminisce on the freedom they experienced in summer, knowing that school is only days away. Some went on exotic vacations …

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Skipping Levels: Worth It?

By Katherine Han I’m sure we’ve all met an overachiever in our school days. Overachievers are also common stock characters in TV shows and movies. Often times, we envy their ability to complete homework and ace tests with ease. One stereotypical trait …

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Organizing Summer Homework

By Mihika Badjate Summer vacation is a time to relax and recuperate before the next hectic school year. Understandably, homework is the last thing on any student’s mind. Unfortunately, high school students often have at least a little summer reading to do, …

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The Negatives of Summer Reading

By R. Brady It’s only a few days into summer, and many students have already received the dreaded email about summer assignments. With schedules already filling up with vacations and camps, students have no idea how they are going to complete AP …

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Back-To-School Rush

By Katherine Han Summer has whizzed by and before you know it, it’s already August and back-to-school season is about to start. Pretty soon, the infamous “back-to-school rush” is going to be in full-swing. This is when students are rushing to get …

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The STEM Gap

By Krystal Yang Today, we live in the Internet Age; with the rise of social media, and even “fake news,” there is no doubt that the hand of everything technology has captured the world. However, the rapid acceleration of technology has caused …

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Summer Homework

By Mihika Badjate For many high school students, summer homework ends up at the very bottom of a long to-do list, under more urgent claims to their time, such as hanging out with friends, watching TV, or going to the beach. Then, …

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