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Lebron James’ I Promise School

By Julie Broch In Akron, at-risk students are consistently falling behind in K-12 classrooms, leaving the district wondering if Lebron James’ new public school can help. On Monday, James’ I Promise School opened to serve at-risk students in his hometown. The I …

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Community Colleges Face Immigration Crisis

By Krystal Yang Since its founding (and even before that), America has struggled with the issue of immigration. In wake of the 2016 election, immigration has become an even more politically-charged issue. With instances of undocumented and illegal immigration popping up more …

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The Safest School in America

By Julie Broch Southwestern High School, located in Indiana, is the safest school in America. They have spent over 400,000 dollars on the installation of several security measures that greatly contribute to the safe environment present at Southwestern High. The classroom doors …

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Living Skills

By Derek Dong   Being as PALY is one of the most competitive public high schools, not only in Silicon Valley, but in the entire state of California, there will always be complaints from the attendees and their parents. In fact, the …

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By Ajay Krishnan “What did the author mean by this? I expect a deep literary analysis essay, due tomorrow.” This is a daily struggle for me in Literature class. Analyze this, annotate that, you name it, I’ve done it. I’ve constantly wanted …

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The Benefits of Summer School

By Jenny Wang Summer school usually takes place in community colleges and requires fees to attend. It provides a variety of programs for students who are interested in different fields. A lot of high school students are now considering to attend these …

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Benefits of a School Production

By Sid Samel Many schools have theater programs that offer students a different type of education from the typical school experience. However, what are the real benefits of having a theater program? As it turns out, there are a surprising number of …

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High Stress

By Aimi Wen At this point, I am pretty sure that everyone has heard about how stressed us teenagers are today. However, it is a topic that needs to be continuously talked about because our stress levels have not gone down, and …

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