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What is Senioritis?

By Krystal Yang Senioritis. A word that modern high-schoolers like to toss around when they procrastinate on homework, show up late to class, or suddenly call in “sick” on Friday. As a senior myself, I often catch myself complaining about “senioritis” during …

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Homework – A Poem

By Ajay Krishnan   A problem that is perennial With no solution in a vial Every student, no matter how irked Is predisposed to homework   Throw yourself into this muddle Without any team huddle Relinquish civility, unleash the savage No more …

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Therapy Dogs in Schools

By Julie Broch Therapy dogs have been used in many schools throughout the nation to provide comfort and support to the students, as well as reduce stress. These dogs also make the students feel as though there is a bond between them, …

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SAT Testing

By Kevin Bryan As junior year of highschool rolls around, students are forced to start thinking about what colleges they may be interested in. There are many components that go into the college application, including GPA and extracurriculars. However, one other component …

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Lebron James’ I Promise School

By Julie Broch In Akron, at-risk students are consistently falling behind in K-12 classrooms, leaving the district wondering if Lebron James’ new public school can help. On Monday, James’ I Promise School opened to serve at-risk students in his hometown. The I …

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Community Colleges Face Immigration Crisis

By Krystal Yang Since its founding (and even before that), America has struggled with the issue of immigration. In wake of the 2016 election, immigration has become an even more politically-charged issue. With instances of undocumented and illegal immigration popping up more …

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The Safest School in America

By Julie Broch Southwestern High School, located in Indiana, is the safest school in America. They have spent over 400,000 dollars on the installation of several security measures that greatly contribute to the safe environment present at Southwestern High. The classroom doors …

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