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Is Student Council Just A Popularity Contest?

By Mihika Badjate Almost every school has some sort of student government, such as ASB (Associated Student Body), or an informally elected student council for each grade. Elections for these student representatives are often labeled “popularity contests,” as many students vote for …

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Time to Appreciate Timed Essays

By Katherine Han One of the greatest pains of a high school student is the infamous in-class, timed essay. The announcement of an upcoming timed-essay isn’t exactly greeted with shouts of joy and excitement. Rather, it is greeted with groans and anxiety. …

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Online Colleges

By Allison Jia Many of us have grown up solely focused on trying to gain admission to the top colleges, so much so that we fail to see another alternative: online college. While many people are skeptical of these online courses, there …

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On Campus: The Single Mother

by: Leena Elzeiny   It wasn’t just the vacation in Tahoe that made Kelly realize that she needed to go back to school. “It was just constantly looming over my head,” said Kelly. “I just had to finish my degree.” In addition, …

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Shree Mahendra Gram Secondary School

By Katherine Han Last summer, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Kathmandu, Nepal to help repaint the Shree Mahendra Gram Secondary School. While I was there, I learned a lot more than just painting skills. From the outside, the Shree …

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Learning a Lesson From Asia

By Krystal Yang America’s “achievement gap,” particularly in the field of education, has been a buzzword for the past decade. The “achievement gap,” similar to other phrases such as the “income gap,” describes the disparity in academic performance between students; this disparity …

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School Lunches

By Sid Samel In any school, one thing that you can almost certainly count on is school lunches. These school lunch programs allow students to purchase lunches directly at school. While the program has several advantages, it also has some noticeable flaws. …

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Are You Passionate?

By Cindy Guo PASSION—what a meaningful yet meaningless word. During a student’s high school years, the main thing he or she is looking for is a passion. Something that drives them to become their best self. Something that can provide a drive …

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Choosing Extracurricular Activities

By Mihika Badjate I remember as a seventh grader, attending the start-of-school assembly and being absolutely mind blown by the number and diversity of electives offered. That feeling returned in the second semester of eighth grade when I realized it was time …

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