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Benefits of a School Production

By Sid Samel Many schools have theater programs that offer students a different type of education from the typical school experience. However, what are the real benefits of having a theater program? As it turns out, there are a surprising number of …

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High Stress

By Aimi Wen At this point, I am pretty sure that everyone has heard about how stressed us teenagers are today. However, it is a topic that needs to be continuously talked about because our stress levels have not gone down, and …

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Helping Kids Get a Head Start

By Krystal Yang Lyndon B. Johnson ascended to the presidency after President Kennedy’s death, bringing with him new policies to fight poverty and racial discrimination under a blanket term, “The Great Society.” As president, Johnson instituted the Great Society reforms to aid …

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Final Exams: Studying Tips

By Mihika Badjate It’s that wonderful time of year again! Time to get your textbooks, binder paper, and extra pack of pencils out, because final exams are coming up, and coming up fast. Studying for finals is never particularly exciting, but if …

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These Four Years

By Cindy Guo Seniors have recently heard back from all, if not most, of the colleges they applied to. These seniors were born in the year 2000, making competition more insane than it has ever been before. It’s okay to be upset, …

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School Projects: Are They Worth It?

By Mihika Badjate Every student has stayed up until 2am finishing a project due the next day. Most likely, it was  one that they should have worked on earlier but either didn’t have enough time for or procrastinated on until it was …

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Homework Surveys

By Sid Samel School administrations often wonder how much homework their students receive on a day-to-day basis. The obvious way to find out would be homework surveys for each student to fill out each day. However, is that really the most effective …

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The Dark Side of College Rankings

By Aimi Wen For anyone even remotely aware of the college process, he or she would know that college rankings play a huge role. Want to study chemical engineering? Look up the rankings for the schools that have the top programs. Want …

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The Seatology: The Science Behind a Seating Chart

by: Leena Elzeiny Desks have been symbolic of the quality of education since the beginning of time, and not every country mirrors an American’s average desk. In Egypt, overcrowded schools force children to work on their laps, whereas in China, students receive …

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