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  By Serena Mao It seems to be a general trend among tiger-eyed parents: no violent video games, no rap songs with cuss words, no inappropriate movies. Sheltering is a common practice among the parents of young children. These wary adults are …

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The Camp Fire

By Serena Mao White haze, blue masks, blood red sunsets. For the last few weeks, the California Camp Fire has burned 150,000 acres, claimed 76 lives, and left 993 others unaccounted for. The flames have wreaked havoc over the coastal state, with …

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The Game of Politics

Alan Chu Governments need to exist. Without them, there is only complete anarchy. And yet, with the relatively recent imposition of democracies which necessitate elected officials, the effects of politics suddenly pop into the equation. Of course, politics dictates the future of …

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California Prop 12

Serena Mao With midterm elections coming up, voting on various propositions relating to a diverse variety of issues has commenced. Some people study the guides and information intently, while others either scan the descriptions and check a box hastily or don’t even …

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Suspicious Packages

Serena Mao Two weeks before national midterms, officials reported the delivery of around 10 suspicious packages to the offices of prominent Democrats and adamant Trump critics. The packages contained some sort of explosive device, though they did not detonate. Immediately, the event …

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Serena Mao Recently, millions of Americans of all ages and backgrounds celebrated Halloween, a beloved holiday associated with trick-o-treating and the donning of creative and extravagant costumes. This spooky holiday isn’t alone, however. Certain days such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and …

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  Serena Mao Trends are continuously changing in today’s world. Not only are they dynamic, but also they’re very apparent. One day, everyone suddenly starts wearing ripped jeans, buying iPhones, listening to K-pop. Has it ever occurred to you, that these trends …

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The Trade War

Serena Mao One of the most significant aspects of Donald Trump’s presidency so far has been the US-China trade war. The two world superpowers have been involved in an intense tit-for-tat trade war for the past few months. The situation ignited from …

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Serena Mao All the decisions in you’ve ever made have led up to you reading this sentence right here, right now. Most of these decisions were purposeful- they were made consciously, and of your own choice. But other circumstances have drastically swayed …

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