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Colleges and Universities’ Racial Discrimination

By: Vincent Huang The Trump administration has announced on Wednesday, August 2nd, that they plan to investigate racial discrimination against Asian Americans in college admissions.   In previous years, the purpose of affirmative action taken in universities was to help people with …

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The Importance of Net Neutrality

By Megan Tjandrasuwita The Internet is a prevalent tool of communication practically used by everyone nowadays. Just like water, it is a limited resource and therefore needs to be shared in a responsible manner. The basic Internet consists of a network of …

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Partisanship in the US

By Michael Yang In recent years, especially following the election of Trump, partisanship has become especially prevalent. For instance, liberals’ attacks on Trump have become less about policy and more about personal affairs and relatively insignificant events. With both sides constantly attacking …

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Kevin Durant: A Remarkable Team Player

By Megan Tjandrasuwita Kevin Durant, forward of the Golden State Warriors and the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the last NBA playoff, has become an inspiration to many young fans not only for his talents but also for his teamwork. In his …

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Why You Should Exercise

By Michael Yang Exercising is an activity which, aside from its obvious health benefits, improves one’s well-being in many ways. Not only does it improve one’s physical strength, and one’s appearance; it also holds surprisingly many mental benefits. One of exercise’s greatest …

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Constructive Environment Protection

By: Zhinan Lin Many environment protection activists call for clean air and water, resource conservation, and less pollution of the city. This is a great effort that will benefit generations of children in the future. However, there is the fundamental question of …

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Girl Power

By: Helen Wu From the beginning of history till recently commonly accepted theory, women are deemed inferior to men.   In the Bible, woman was created by using one bone of man.   In Darwin’s The Descent of Man, men attained “a higher eminence” …

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