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The Truth About Nanking Massacre

By: Jenny Wang The Nanking Massacre was one of the most horrifying events that happened in Chinese history. We cannot go back to 1937 to prevent the event from happening; we can, however, remember it, know its truth, and learn from it …

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No Right or Wrong in Family

By Wan Shui People sometimes wonder, what’s a happy family? In a happy family people do not argue right or wrong. Many people like to blame family conflicts on trivial things and argue over who is right or wrong.  There is a …

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Community College: The Smart Way To Go

By: Leena Elzeiny Any University of California school costs about $30,000 per year with room and board. And that cost is an insignificant mosquito compared to the elephant price of Ivy League schools. Most people accept that they can pay $200,000 to …

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Taking Care of Our Own Bodies

By: Yulin Liang We live in a very busy world where everyone seems to be busy working towards achieving goals often from fear of other people’s judgement than from our own motivation or enjoyment. We are told that life is to challenge …

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Laziness vs. Creativity

By: Kui Jia Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of creativity in your science or art projects? Do you consider yourself “as lazy as a lizard” or “an industrious bee”? While your parents or teachers may tell you many times that …

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Benefits of Being a Consultant

By: Junfang Liu People may have certain preconceptions about a consultant: when a company plans to lay off people but does not dare tell its employees directly, they hire a consultant to be the messenger.   This might be a cartoon image of …

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Christmas Packaging: A Dilemma

By: Allison Jia We all love the feeling of unwrapping all those presents on Christmas Day, but have you ever stopped to wonder where all the wrapping paper ends up? Some wrapping paper ends up being recycled, already an expensive procedure, while …

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Living a Simple Life

By: Helen Wu Charles Wagner once said that being simple and being happy go hand in hand. Only a person who truly appreciates life knows how to live a simple life and has the courage to curb desires and longings.        …

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Dangers of Overspecialization

By: Allison Jia As our day-to-day technology grows more and more advanced, jobs require more specialization and education than ever. While employees may benefit from the deeper understanding of their specific field, they miss out on other opportunities to listen to other …

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