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The Trade War

Serena Mao One of the most significant aspects of Donald Trump’s presidency so far has been the US-China trade war. The two world superpowers have been involved in an intense tit-for-tat trade war for the past few months. The situation ignited from …

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Serena Mao All the decisions in you’ve ever made have led up to you reading this sentence right here, right now. Most of these decisions were purposeful- they were made consciously, and of your own choice. But other circumstances have drastically swayed …

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The Irony of Jokes

Serena Mao Making friends and having a sense of humor are people’s common desires. As with anything that people want, there are strategies and techniques to accomplishing them. Too often, however, instead of being truly social or hilarious, they involve methods that …

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To Be Famous

Serena Mao When you ask a child what she wants to be when she grows up, you’ll usually get answers like rockstars, astronauts, football players, etc. Although there’s probably great diversity in the answers of different kids, a similar theme often emerges–––kids …

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The Web Strategy

By Alan Chen “Get off your smartphone.” Nowadays, teens hear this all the time. The youth of today are bombarded with criticism of their tendency to talk, text, and communicate online. Whether it’s social media like Instagram or Facebook, games like Overwatch, …

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The Explosive Op-Ed

Serena Mao On September 5th, the New York Times published an anonymous Op-Ed, apparently written by a senior official in the Trump administration whose identity is only opened to the Times. At this unprecedented piece, the entire nation has exploded into shock …

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Climbing, Good or Bad?

By Runjie Xiao Recently, climbing has become increasingly popular as an enjoyable method to positively impact one’s physical and mental health. This activity can help people simultaneously improve their body strength and boost their stamina. Climbing frequently can increase the strength of …

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The College Culture

By Serena Mao Forget poverty, unemployment, or climate change––the youth of America today are obsessed with getting into college. From maintaining that 4.0 GPA to becoming president of countless clubs, the list is endless. Knowing that colleges want people who are committed, …

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To Remember

By Serena Mao We have an interesting tendency to take pictures of everything that catches our interest. A birthday party? Click. Eating salad for dinner? Click. Got a dog? Of course, click. It’s become a habit. When anything different from the norm …

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