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Dangers of Overspecialization

By: Allison Jia As our day-to-day technology grows more and more advanced, jobs require more specialization and education than ever. While employees may benefit from the deeper understanding of their specific field, they miss out on other opportunities to listen to other …

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Modern Education vs. Lifelong Skills

By: Allison Jia Everyday when I come to school, I know I can expect to feel the constant cycle and burden of my classes. I walk through the revolving doors of math, English, history, foreign language, science, computer science, and business only …

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Distractions vs. Study Efficiency

By: Allison Jia Ever since I discovered the world of pop music, I have always been listening to music while studying. My mother highly disapproves of this studying habit; she claims my test scores will drop if I continue multitasking. Like me, …

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By: Zhen Lin I always hear kids saying something along the lines of “I don’t want to be friends with Sara, I don’t like her anymore.” There is an Arabic tale: two friends traveled together in the desert. One day they quarreled. …

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Accept Ourselves as Who We Are

By: Junfang Liu Over time, I’ve discovered that many people, including my friends and I, are not satisfied with ourselves. We usually demand a lot from ourselves, and in fact, we do gain a lot of praise and awards. However, whenever we …

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Being Water-Wise is Easier Than It Looks

By: Allison Xu What a relief! The eyesores of bare soil surrounded by patches of yellow, wilting grass can now be fixed. California’s recent drought (2011-April 2017) has ended and household restrictions have been lifted. Our immediate reaction is that we can …

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Appreciating Music

By: Zhen Lin I’m not good at music. Even though I started to learn piano since I was five, I wasn’t able to understand the logic or differentiate between the schools of classical music: Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, etc.  My mom would sigh …

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Colleges and Universities’ Racial Discrimination

By: Vincent Huang The Trump administration has announced on Wednesday, August 2nd, that they plan to investigate racial discrimination against Asian Americans in college admissions.   In previous years, the purpose of affirmative action taken in universities was to help people with …

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