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The Impact of Instagram on Lifestyle

By: Megan Tjandrasuwita Where do you go to find recipes for healthy food, fashion tips, home furniture, or exotic vacation spots to enhance your lifestyle? Well, if you are a social media buzz, it is likely that you would look for the …

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Paris in the Summer

By Ethan Hu Paris, France is a one of the most popular tourist destinations, with people from all over the world visiting during the summer. From the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre, Paris offers many different types of attractions for tourists. Strolling …

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Is Marriage a Business Contract?

By Megan Tjandrasuwita People get married for many different reasons, whether they are deeply in love, the significant other is a long time friend, has common interests, or is filthy rich (though many of us don’t want to admit that finances do …

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The Great Firewall of China

By Ethan Hu China is famous for its Great Wall. However, many foreigners are unaware that China also has an expansive wall over the internet, blocking many sites such as Google, YouTube, and Gmail. This firewall which many refer to as the …

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Michelin Star

By Ethan Hu A Michelin Star is a prestigious award that gives a restaurant prestige, class, and expectancy. While all restaurants strive to achieve one of these stars, few accomplish this feat, and even fewer take home multiple stars. The Michelin stars …

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Laid-back Lifestyle Makes the Happiest City

By: HanJie Zou Chengdu is known as China’s happiest city because of its residents, who are reputedly the happiest in the country. It is believed that the secret lies in their leisurely and slow-paced lifestyle. It goes without saying that their unique ways …

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The Stereotypical Internet Cafe in China

By: Ethan Hu You walk into a dark room full rows of glowing CRT screens. The smell of cigarette smoke penetrates your nostrils as you look around and see blank faces across each computer terminal, eyes glued to the screens. Empty instant …

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Military of the United States

Military of the United States By: Ethan Hu As citizens of the United States of America, we often overlook many services which this country provides us. We often overlook the price that others are willing to pay to protect you and me …

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