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Cheering Yourself Up

By: Michelle Hua Everyone has their bad days: you might have had a bad day at school or work, or you have gotten into an argument with your friend. When you’re feeling down, take some time to make yourself feel better. Let …

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By: Senlin Luo Wrestling is a challenging sport. There are three primary styles of wrestling: Folkstyle, Freestyle, and Greco-Roman. Each style has its own unique rules, scoring guidelines, and applications, as defined by the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Organization. Freestyle wrestling is …

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The Benefit Of Pets

By: Michelle Hua Many people have pets, or at least wish to have a pet. Even though most people like pets, there are still a number of people who don’t want one. However, there are still many reasons why having a pet …

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My Summer Music Camp

By: Will Peihong Wu Last summer, I went to Carnegie Mellon University to attend a music camp. I entered the camp as a composition major, and the six weeks of  college freshman’s life like camp changed my relationship with music profoundly. Before …

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Tangible vs Intangible

Katherine Han I grew up in a financially stable town. Most of the families living there are middle-class: not extremely rich, but have enough money to live a comfortable life. Since, most of these families walked the line between an upper-class and …

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The Unschedule

By: Michelle Hua   Many people prioritize work over play, but end up procrastinating and feeling guilty when they have time to relax. However, there is a scheduling technique that helps reduce both the mentioned effects: The Unschedule. The Unschedule was made …

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How to Choose the Best Prom Dress?

By Jenny Wang In the United States, Prom is always viewed as one of the most important events for students to attend in their high school experience. Prom is often highlighted in films and TV series, becoming a very big deal in …

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Economic War

By Wencen Zou I think most people know that high tech companies such as Apple choose to make their products in China because of the cheap labor costs there. However, on March 27th, Donald Trump proposed a sixty billion dollar tariff against …

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Growing Indoor Plants

By Aimi Wen Growing indoor plants can be tough. I have heard my own share of stories about plants dying, especially fruit and vegetable plants. Hopefully, the tips below prove to be helpful.   Set-up: An important part of potting is the …

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