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6 Communication Tactics to Eliminate Wasting Time

By: Eileen Guo Regardless of whether you’re communicating with a teacher, a boss, or a colleague, it’s imperative to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. After all, confusion and misunderstanding just leads to more confusion and misunderstandings; here are 7 communication tactics you should …

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The Color of Water

By: Niko Bardin The Combination of Elements of Journalism and Music In the memoir The Color Of Water, James McBride narrates the identity crisis he experiences while growing up in a multiracial family. McBride also writes in the point of view of …

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The Recipe for Sarcasm

By: Ajay Krishnan   The recipe of sarcasm:   You will need anger, eyeballs, pheromones, sarjuice, water, wit, tone, and oil To make to say the least, sarcasm.   Take anger and tone and dilute in water If not diluted will fall …

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By: Katherine Han   This summer, I returned to Kathmandu, Nepal. We went to the Shree Gamvir Samudra Setu Secondary School to help paint their classrooms and amp up their library. Since last year I helped mainly with painting the walls a …

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French Dining Culture

By: Niko Bardin France is often associated with its reputable cuisine and etiquette details that shape its refined dining culture. France is a nation of gourmets, and French people consider eating not just a matter of regaining energy, but as a pleasure. …

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Volleyball Enhances Life Quality

  By: Amy Yao   Playing volleyball can significantly improve your health and quality of life in many areas both physically and mentally. Volleyball is a great way to stay healthy and fit and stay involved in social activities. Playing volleyball enhances …

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“Falling Leaves” Review

By Cindy Guo Falling Leaves, an autobiography by Adeline Yen Mah, is definitely one of my favorite books that I’ve read in high school. The main character, Adeline, grew up in a port city not too far away from Shanghai during a …

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Favorite Childhood Shows

By Cindy Guo It’s the start of summer, which means it’s the perfect time to watch the shows you’ve missed OR rewatch some of your favorite shows. I’m starting off my summer by binge re-watching my favorite childhood shows! On a scale …

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NBA Championships

By Derek Dong   The Cleveland Cavaliers had a good shot at stealing away Game 1 of the 2017-2018 NBA Championships from the Warriors at Oracle Arena last Thursday, but fell short after a crucial blunder by shooting guard J.R. Smith. After …

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