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Cooking for Survival

By: Christina Hua Before the Neolithic Revolution, men and women took equal parts in hunting and gathering in order to feed themselves and their families. However, after the Neolithic Revolution, women have been placed in the house to care for children and …

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The Importance of a Neat Desk

By: Michelle Hua If you look at your desk right now, there is a good chance that it’ll be messy. Many people have papers, books, and other random objects piled on their tables. Usually, people have messy desks because they have too …

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How to make Ceramics

By: Michelle Hua Making ceramics might seem easy. After all, it’s just molding a piece of clay and baking it. However, it is more difficult than it looks. There are a few important details to help you successfully create a ceramic piece. …

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How to Quickly Prepare Your Lunches

By: Michelle Hua Most people are in a rush in the mornings: you have less than an hour to get dressed and eat breakfast. With this time limit, packing lunches may seem like a hassle. However, there is a simple solution to …

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Braised Pork

By: Christina Hua Back when my sister and I were younger, all we wanted to do was eat. We would sit for hours in my grandma’s hot living room in China waiting for my grandma to finish making dinner so we can …

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How To Get Past Writer’s Block

By: Michelle Hua Everyone’s had to write before, whether it be for a school project, for work, or even just for fun. And when writing, most people have experienced a moment of writer’s block. It may be frustrating, but there are several …

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Cheering Yourself Up

By: Michelle Hua Everyone has their bad days: you might have had a bad day at school or work, or you have gotten into an argument with your friend. When you’re feeling down, take some time to make yourself feel better. Let …

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