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How Some Stress Can Be Good For You

Stress is often viewed as an exclusively negative sensation: Work deadlines pile up, family drama takes its toll, busy schedules wear us thin and we wind up drained. Stress occurs when someone feels an imbalance between a challenge and the resources they …

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The Impact of Reading

By: Michelle Hua The importance of reading is often stressed. In elementary school, children are assigned a few minutes of reading each night, and prizes are given to those who read the most. Students are required to read and annotate more complex …

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Types of Music That Will Improve Your Productivity

By: Eileen Guo Classical music. Classical music is known for being calming, relaxing and helping to reduce stress. Researchers have long claimed that listening to classical music can help people perform tasks more efficiently. From pain management to improved sleep quality, listening …

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Money Can’t Bring Happiness, but Exercising Can

By: Eileen Guo According to a study conducted by researchers at Yale and Oxford, published in the Lancet, scientists collected data on the physical behavior and mental moods of over 1.2 million Americans. Participants were asked to answer the following question: “How …

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Third Degree Essay

By: Sofia Rodriguez Baquero Sunlight streamed through the dusty windows above, reflecting off the shiny stone floor. Up the crooked cement stairs, there was a group of women cooking over a hot fire. Children were running around the hems of their long …

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By: Eileen Guo Our everyday lives and busy schedules greatly impact our sleeping schedules. Since sleep is extremely important for your physical and mental health, it’s important to get enough sleep each night. Despite this, most people have trouble falling asleep at …

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Mogao Cave

By: Brian(Ruibo) Wu Located southeast of the Dunhuang oasis, the Mogao caves, also known as the Thousand-Buddha Caves, are the world’s largest, most richly endowed, and longest-used treasure house of Buddhist art. They are located at a strategic point along the Silk …

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