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China’s Newest Health Scandal

Antonia Zhou Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology, a Chinese vaccine company, has been ordered to stop production after China’s Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) found the company had been fabricating production and inspection records. The biotech company has already sold more than 250,000 units …

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Unmarked Black Granite Sarcophagus Discovered in Egypt

Antonia Zhou A large black sarcophagus was discovered in Alexandria, Egypt. Perfectly sealed, despite being 2000 years old, the mysterious coffin has been the target of wild speculations and wilder conspiracy theories. Accidentally uncovered in a construction site, the sarcophagus measures five …

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Mendocino Complex Fire

Yanping Ni The wildfires of Northern California that began in July are continuing to expand. The fires have burned thousands of acres of forests and residential areas, displacing their residents. The Mendocino Complex Fire has now grown into the biggest fire in …

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The Future of the Winter Olympics

Antonia Zhou Everyone’s familiar with the Olympics: Chloe Kim’s record win, Mirai Nagasu historic triple axel. It’s been all over the news this year. However, as the Winter Olympic sports are all involved with ice or snow, it becomes harder and harder …

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New Zealand to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags

Antonia Zhou New Zealand announced on July tenth that it will gradually phase out single-use plastic bags starting next year, becoming the first country in the world to adopt a plastic ban. The country will give businesses six months to phase out …

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Update: Thailand Soccer Team Rescue

Patrick Xu   After more than two weeks, the race to rescue a team of twelve soccer players and their coach has finally concluded. Their harrowing experience began on June 23, when the soccer team wandered into the Tham Luang cave system, …

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Supreme Court Vacancy

Antonia Zhou Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy announced his retirement on June 27th, 2018. Kennedy began serving in 1988, under then president Ronald Reagan. In the three decades since his commencement, Kennedy has been a crucial swing vote on polarizing issues; …

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Thailand Cave Rescue

Antonia Zhou An all boys soccer team and their coach has gone missing in the Tham Luang Nang Non cave complexes in northern Thailand as of June 23th. The team, with kids ranging 11 to 15 years of age, have been trapped …

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