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Landslides in Southern California

By Roger Kim Following landslides that killed at least 17 in Santa Barbara County, search and rescue efforts continue. After being devastated by wildfires, the area experienced flash floods, increasing the risk of mudslides, and destroying entire neighborhoods. According to the Associated …

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Bay Area Earthquakes Rock People Awake

By Patrick Xu Last Thursday, January 4, Bay Area residents received a surprise of two earthquakes early in the morning. The first earthquake, with a magnitude of 4.4 on the Richter scale, struck near Berkeley at 2:39 AM, just south of the …

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Will Bitcoin Survive in Today’s Market? China Says No.

By Jiaxin Zuo On January 2, 2018, China prohibited Bitcoin mining and asked the Bitcoin community, including CHBTC, the world’s largest Bitcoin Exchange Enterprise, to officially halt Bitcoin mining. On the following day, bitcoinchina.com halted new account registration, logins, and Bitcoin withdrawals. …

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Are We Going To Lose Our Internet?

By Vincent Huang On Thursday, December 14th, the FCC, also known as the Federal Communications Commission, repealed the rules regarding net neutrality. Net neutrality is the principle that all internet service providers, or ISPs, must provide equal access to all websites and …

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Southern California Wildfires

By David Zhang Wildfires have been devastating in California this year. The Napa Fires in October caused over a billion dollars in property damage, claiming 42 lives. Currently, there are numerous wildfires in the Los Angeles area. The Thomas fire that began …

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GOP Senate Passes New Tax Bill

By Roger Kim Early December 2nd, the Senate passed a Republican tax reform bill in a 51-49 vote with no Democratic support. It will go to conference, where House and Senate members will negotiate a combined bill. “Not a single member of …

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A New, Possibly Habitable, Planet

By David Zhang Ross 128 b is a planet found orbiting the red dwarf star Ross 128.  The planet was discovered by a European telescope, using the radial velocity method, or using the wobble in stars caused by planets to deduce the …

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Tesla’s Big Electrical Rig

By Roger Kim On Thursday, November 16, Tesla finally revealed its electric semi-truck. However, analysts are unsure of its impact on the commercial trucking industry. Potential buyers are concerned about its performance and efficiency, with Elon Musk claiming that the vehicle can …

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The World Watches as Trump Visits China

By Zou Hanjie of Chengdu, China At the invitation of Chinese President Jinping Xi, President Donald Trump of the United States of America will pay a state visit to China from November 8th to 10th during his visit to Asia. So what …

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