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Global Environment

India’s Tiger Population Grows

By: Christina Hua Humans and animals have been conflicting since the beginning of time, but as time went on, humans developed better weapons and animal populations began to drop. However, due to the multiple endangered species around the world, people began to …

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Californian Heatwave Kills Mussels

Christina Hua California is known for its beaches up and down it’s coast, many of which retain their warm waters year round. Unfortunately for the mussels in Bodega Bay, the heat isn’t something to be happy about. Due to the recent heatwave, …

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Pollution in the Gulf of Mexico

Christina Hua Almost a decade ago, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf of Mexico, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Unfortunately, now, it seems as though the Gulf is facing more trouble.  Due to the rainfall this year, polluted water all …

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Microplastic Pollution

Christina Hua Invented in 1907, plastic has been the source of many environmental debates, ranging from pollution concerns to biodegradability. Problems such as the usage of plastic straws and littering of soda rings are particularly mainstream as it endangers and kills sea …

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By: Christina Hua When asked on how they can help the environment, most people reply with something along the lines of “buy an electric car”, “eat organic food”, or “save water and reduce usage of electricity”. However, scientists say the best way …

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Environment in the Developing World

By: Serena Mao Around the world, a new wave of activism is spreading as people are slowly recognizing global environmental issues and working to solve them. Though the desire to stop climate change and other prevalent issues is a worldwide concern, it …

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British Coal-Free Record

By: Owen Xu Li Ever since 1880, Britain has continuously used coal to generate electricity, as it was a staple energy source for a long time. However, on May 17th of this year, Britain stopped using coal to power the country. Fintan …

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