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Global Environment

Zero Waste Living

By Kaitlyn Wang Bea Johnson, founder of the Zero Waste lifestyle movement, owns 100 glass jars that she uses instead of plastic containers or bags. They hold anything from flour to dried fruit, from cosmetics to a year’s worth of waste. At …

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By Natasha Yen   Upcycling: The process of using discarded objects to create something useful and of greater value.   Popular upcycling ideas that may come to mind include plastic bottle planters, rubber tire seats, and tote bags made from old jeans. …

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A Virtual Environment

By Kung-Min Lin Technology is often correlated with the corrosion of natural ecosystems. There is a common misconception that the development of technology is proportional or even exponentially related to environmental issues such as global warming and climate change. While the materials necessary …

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Threat of Overfishing

By Nicole Chan What is overfishing? Overfishing is defined as when more fish are caught than the ones that the population naturally replenishes. Although some may believe that this will only benefit the economy as it brings more profit, overfishing actually has …

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Climate Change Apathy

By Kaitlyn Wang At times it may seem difficult to take concrete actions to move towards climate change “solutions.” At times, climate change seems like an overwhelming issue, one that individuals can do little to address. As a result, while there are …

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The Beauty of National Parks

By Annabelle Law Yellowstone was the first ever established American national park in 1872. Inside its boundaries lay a vast natural world. It is home to 322 species of birds, 70 different mammals, and 1100 species of native plants. Visitors can explore …

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