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New Marine Parks

Submitted by: Aimi Wen In an era of rapidly warming waters and overfishing, the marine ecosystem has suffered greatly. Global warming obviously causes ocean waters to become warmer than usual, making animals adapted to cooler environments suffer; sea lions, for example, have …

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Dehydrated Koalas

Submitted by: Eileen Guo Did you know that our cute little tree buddies–koalas–don’t usually drink water? In fact, their name comes from a word that means “no drink”. They don’t need to drink water because they get all their hydration from their …

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Pruitt Strikes Again

Submitted by: Katherine Han Scott Pruitt, the current head of the EPA who was appointed by President Trump, has already become a controversial figure. He does not believe in the link between human activity and climate change. He has been working with …

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Riding Ocean Pollution

Submitted by: Stephanie Zhang Near the town of Sumbawa Besar in Indonesia, photographer Justin Hofman and wildlife spotter Richard White, along with others, take a break from their expedition to do some snorkeling at the reef. “The reef was actually in surprisingly …

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Ajax the Conservation Dog

Man’s best friend might also be the kea’s best friend. The world’s only mountain parrot, the kea, risks extinction; the Department of Conservation estimates numbers to be as low as 1,000, largely due to stoats and possums attacking eggs and chicks. This …

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Dealing with Natural Disasters

Submitted by: Iris Yuan Given the number of hurricanes and floods we have had, it’s no surprise that people are starting to get anxious. To ease that anxiety, compiled below is a list of tips from experts to help you deal with …

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Killer Heat– Literally

Submitted by: Aimi Wen For many people, the inevitable intensifying heat and the slow destruction of the ozone layer because of global warming already brings a devastating picture to mind. Rising sea waters swallowing houses and towns. Destroyed crops. Dying animals. Intense …

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Carbon Dioxide

Submitted by: Aimi Wen Sharp increases of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have already caused big problems for humanity and are projected wreak worse havok: higher than normal temperatures, fluctuating weather patterns, dying ocean animals and their environment. But hey, at least …

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It’s Too Hot!!

Submitted by: Aimi Wen Stepping out into the world and leaving behind my well air-conditioned classroom, I was hit with a blast of heat. Immediately, I began to sweat and my body felt heavy, as if I was made of lead. A …

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