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Teslas: The Ups and the Downs

By: Sejal Krishnan   Here in the Silicon Valley, you see many Teslas everyday and may think that they are doing something great for our environment and world by its unique feature of using electricity instead of fossil fuels albeit at the …

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Creative Eco-Friendly Habits

by Sachi Bajaj Sea levels rising. Coral reefs dying. Ozone layer depleting. Our environment is crumbling, and if we are not quick to act, it will fall. Priscilla Chan, the wife of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, asserts that we as the “current generation …

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Measure P Passes in Foster City

by Hamsavardhini Thirunarayanan Foster City voters have approved of the $90 million upgrade to the city’s levee system for combating rising sea levels. All property owners will see a rise in tax rates of approximately $41 for every $100,000 of property value …

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Turn Your Key: Save Humanity

by Jamie Minden It’s miserably hot as my car trundles into the grocery store parking lot, heat waves rolling off the black asphalt.  As I open my door, I am overpowered by an unmistakable smell: gasoline. I notice a woman to my …

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Succulents Galore

by Annabelle Law In recent years, owning succulents have become a fad prevalent in millenials and young teens. This strange new craze has profoundly affected social media, and essentially the world. The interest had already spread like wildfire throughout the world, but …

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Car Idling

Submitted by: Aimi Wen Recently at my school – Pinewood School – we conducted a survey on the amount of carbon emissions produced over a week. Specifically, how much carbon dioxide was emitted by car idling, a habit that we can all …

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How Traffic Jams Affect Air Quality

Submitted by: Ashley Jazbec This may come as a surprise, but slower-flowing traffic emits more pollution than fast-moving traffic of cars moving at 50 mph. People are constantly stopping, going, and accelerating; abnormal traffic patterns and constantly alternating driving conditions serve as …

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Sunscreen Ban to Protect Environment

Submitted by: Selena Guo Recently, Hawaii passed a bill banning sunscreens that contain oxybenzone and octinoxate. The reason for this is because these chemicals are causing damage to the coral reefs by bleaching them and hurting the animals that rely on the …

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