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Global Environment

Threat of Overfishing

By Nicole Chan What is overfishing? Overfishing is defined as when more fish are caught than the ones that the population naturally replenishes. Although some may believe that this will only benefit the economy as it brings more profit, overfishing actually has …

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Climate Change Apathy

By Kaitlyn Wang At times it may seem difficult to take concrete actions to move towards climate change “solutions.” At times, climate change seems like an overwhelming issue, one that individuals can do little to address. As a result, while there are …

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The Beauty of National Parks

By Annabelle Law Yellowstone was the first ever established American national park in 1872. Inside its boundaries lay a vast natural world. It is home to 322 species of birds, 70 different mammals, and 1100 species of native plants. Visitors can explore …

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Diversity in Our Natural Spaces

By Hamsavardhini Thirunarayanan As I walked through under the canopy of the coast redwoods, with the sensations of cleanliness and rejuvenation, I listened to Hector, one of the interpretive rangers at Muir Woods, explain his personal connection to this forest, and the …

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Water Scarcity

By Sejal Krishnan Water. A basic necessity of our daily lives. We need fresh water for drinking, showering, cooking, and more. What would happen if our seemingly infinite supply was actually nearing an end? Nearing a global extinction? The World Wildlife foundation …

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The Aeroponics System and How it Works

by Hamsavardhini Thirunarayanan In the modern era, as the human population increases exponentially, we must find a way to achieve a method to sustain the human population without destroying the Earth. Currently, over 30 percent of the world’s land area is used …

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Busted Environmental Myths

By Nicole Chan As environmentalists are spreading more awareness to the ailing state of our planet, more people are beginning to realize the impact that humans have on the environment. However, some people spread false claims about the state of our environment …

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The World Dives into Deep Sea Mining

By Kung-Min Lin *image above:  Pelagite: A manganese nodule found in the deep seafloor – can be used to enhance rolling and forging qualities As technological development approaches its pinnacle, the world’s supply of precious metals such as nickel are running out …

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Nature’s Bounty: Healing and Health

By Christopher Noll The deadliest tsunami! The deadliest reptile! The deadliest plant! Shark Week! As addicted consumers of media, whether scrolling through the endless entertainment of Youtube or Instagram, we humans seem to consistently drawn to watching and understanding Mother Nature’s wrath– …

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