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Hydrogen Trains

by David Zhang In Europe, the world’s first hydrogen trains have been launched. According to Alstrom, the railway manufacturer who built the trains, they will be low noise and zero emission. These trains are known as the Cordia iLint, and they are …

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The Sun-Earth Connection: Heliophysics

by Alex Bo Scientists have been experimenting flying towards space to other planets to discover a new world or a new society. With the ever worsening environmental condition on earth due to pollution, humans may choose to migrate to another planet if …

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Gene Editing Controversy

by Kevin Zhang Recently, the topic of gene editing has become one of controversy. Chinese professor He Jiankui, a biophysicist at the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, China has announced his work on gene editing. He claims that the …

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Google Employees Make a Stand

By Antonia Zhou   November saw Google employees taking part in a worldwide walkout— a stand against their executives, who paid millions in exit packages to their male colleagues after accusations of sexual assault.   “Happy to quit for $90 million — …

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The Dark Web

By David Zhang Whenever there is mention of the dark web, people think about illegal ventures, drug dealing, human trafficking and other disturbing content. However, that is only a portion of the dark web which has been overemphasized, creating the misconception that …

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The TSA’s Screening Process

By Michael Chang   The Transport Security Administration, known colloquially as the TSA, is often at the subject of controversy about their methods of searching and clearing people to proceed to their flights. With air travel becoming more prevalent after a lull …

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Electronic Scooters vs Bones

By Derek Dong Recently, there has been an uptick electric scooters being sold in the United States, especially in the more urbanized and tech-savvy cities like San Francisco. Most of these scooters are coming from the company Bird, who on their website …

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