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The Falcon Heavy

By Bryan Wu Recently, one of the most impressive feats in space exploration history was accomplished by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The Falcon Heavy is the most powerful rocket in the world, more than twice as powerful as the rocket in second place. …

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Auto Trucks

By Bryan Wu Trucking is an extremely boring job, one that requires many, many hours of just driving along highways. Truck drivers face health issues including poor eating habits, high stress, sunburn, back/neck injuries, fatigue, depression, and more. However, with the rise …

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Airplane Noise Reduction; Is It Possible?

By: Antonia Zhou Many people in the Bay Area are familiar with the roaring sounds of airplane engines. Between San Jose to San Francisco, one can frequently hear these transcontinental planes overhead. The noises have been long regarded as a disturbance to …

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Designed For the Dump

By: Bryan Apple has recently been under a lot of fire for purposefully slowing down older iPhone models when new ones came out. Apple confirmed that it had implemented power management features in older iPhones to improve performance and prevent unexpected shutdowns …

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Killed Over $2

By: Bryan A 28-year-old Kansas man was shot and killed by police officers on Dec. 28 after someone falsely reported a hostage situation ongoing at his home. The practice of falsely reporting a dangerous situation at a different address is known as …

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New Dangerous Alexa Feature

Some people are already paranoid that their Alexa machines are invading privacy and are easily hackable. Just wait until they hear that Amazon introduced a new addition to Alexa that allow them to have access to your oven and microwave. In an …

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North Korea Doing North Korea Things

By: Dan North Korea loves to conduct its missile tests, and on April 28, 2017, it went even worse than usual. Instead of falling into the ocean as many of their missiles do, the missile veered off course and hit the North …

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Overwhelming Power

In the tech column, you may notice several articles about cars that I think are interesting or look nice. However, there are just so many unobtainable, ridiculously overpowered supercars coming out that they’re starting to lose a bit of their luster.   …

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By: Bryan The rise of 3D printing over the past couple years has lead to many different creative ways of creation. For example, cheap 3D printed houses are already being conceptualized. But the ultimate dream is that one day, we would be …

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