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Facebook User Bans

By Kevin Zhang Recently, in the beginning of  May, 2019, Facebook has banned even more accounts. This time it’s not exactly suspicious accounts possibly trying to influence elections or terrorist-tied profiles. Many far-right speakers have been banned for hateful and violent speech …

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Protecting Our Election

By David Zhang When Trump had won the 2016 election, many people were left shocked, expecting Clinton to have left Trump in the dust, like numerous polls predicted. Instead, Trump managed a narrow victory, losing the popular vote but gaining an advantage …

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Big Tech Breakup

   By Kevin Zhang Now that Big Tech companies are pretty big, there has been some commentary that Big Tech is too big. Now that major tech companies like Facebook, Apple, and Google get even larger and more influential, the criticism intensifies. Now, …

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Versatile Test Reactor

by David Zhang The Department of Energy recently announced it plan to build a nuclear reactor, its first since 1970. This will not be just any reactor however, as the reactor that is currently being planned is known as a Versatile Test …

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Call to Action.

      By: Kevin Zhang Recently, Mark Zuckerberg has written in multiple newspapers that he wants more regulation of social media sites by government. Zuckerberg is trying to say that social media companies such as Facebook do not have the power to control everything …

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Condenser Vs. Dynamic Microphones

By: Evan Li A microphone is a device we use everyday, yet we know so little about it. This little useful everyday devices converts the sound inputted into small electrical currents. Microphones are one category of transducers, similar to headphones and loudspeakers. …

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Graphene: The Best Material?

By Alex Wang Sorry Minecraft fans, but the hardest material in the world is not diamond; instead, it is a certain arrangement of carbon atoms called graphene. Discovered in a laboratory in Manchester, graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms that …

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