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Mark Zuckerberg’s Call to Action.

      By: Kevin Zhang Recently, Mark Zuckerberg has written in multiple newspapers that he wants more regulation of social media sites by government. Zuckerberg is trying to say that social media companies such as Facebook do not have the power to control everything …

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Condenser Vs. Dynamic Microphones

By: Evan Li A microphone is a device we use everyday, yet we know so little about it. This little useful everyday devices converts the sound inputted into small electrical currents. Microphones are one category of transducers, similar to headphones and loudspeakers. …

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Graphene: The Best Material?

By Alex Wang Sorry Minecraft fans, but the hardest material in the world is not diamond; instead, it is a certain arrangement of carbon atoms called graphene. Discovered in a laboratory in Manchester, graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms that …

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Night Vision in Humans?

by Kevin Zhang Scientists in the United States and China have recently claimed that they have developed a way to possibly enable humans to see infrared light. The technique is based on injecting the human eye or eye of another mammal with …

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The future is here – with HoloLens 2

by Michael Zhang Augmented Reality, or AR, is an interesting field that draws a lot of attentions recently. Unlike VR (Virtual Reality) that has already established a user base focused on gaming, people are still trying to figure out what AR can …

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Cancer Detection and Diagnosis

By Cindy W. Cancer diagnostics can be very inconvenient, since some can take substantial time to be completed. Certain methods of diagnosis can be painful for some patients. Often, they are inaccurate. Could there be a better way to check for cancers? …

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by Kevin Zhang Recently on the internet, a new form of video editing has appeared, called deepfake. Deepfakes are audio of someone saying something put into a video of someone else doing something. The original video/audio is manipulated so that actions and …

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Custom Water Cooling

By Alex Wang Gaming computers are no longer a rare sight. Nearly 3 million people build their own computers each year. However, some people like to go to the next level. Instead of using the conventional method of fans to cool their …

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