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A Solution to Microplastic

Microplastics are small pieces of plastic that were broken down from larger plastics by natural or human forces. According to current definitions, microplastic is any piece of plastic measuring five millimeters in size down to one micrometer. Plastic particles that are smaller …

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Our Warped Galaxy

by David Zhang Long ago, our knowledge of space was extremely limited. People believed that the world revolved around the earth, or that people would fall off the earth if they sailed too far. But through the past several centuries, we have …

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Bitcoin’s Energy Usage

By David Zhang Bitcoin is mined through powerful processors that create tens of terra-hashes(1012) per second. This process consumes a large quantity of energy, considering the fact that most Bitcoin mining devices are run 24/7. These devices use about 0.1 Joules per …

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Water Filters

By Evan Li Water is an essential nutrient to live with. Most of us can go for several days or even weeks without food, however, water is completely different. Roughly 60% of our bodies are made of water, the maximum a human …

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California’s Earthquakes

By David Zhang Recently, two relatively large earthquakes occurred a couple of hundred miles northeast of Los Angeles, 6.4 and 7.1 on the Richter scale. Luckily, they weren’t close to any major cities, so there wasn’t too much damage done. These two …

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New Fungi Helps Prevent Malaria

By David Zhang Malaria is an extremely prominent disease around the world, especially in Africa. Malaria causes over 300 million cases per year and 500 thousand fatalities. As it is a virus, it is extremely difficult to cure, as it replicates itself …

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Educational Robots Conference

By David Zhang The Global Conference on Educational Robotics (GCER), produced by KISS Institute for Practical Robotics, is a professional conference designed for elementary, middle and high school students, their teachers and mentors, technology education professionals, robot enthusiasts, and invited professional guests. …

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Apple Stand

By Evan Li: During the WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) this year, Tim Cook announced a new Mac Pro and a new monitor called the Pro Display XDR. This monitor was priced at an unbelievably high price point: five grand. This wasn’t …

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Turning It a Bit Better

By Alex Wang Recently, scientists have come up with another solution to a problem. What is so special about this new solution, you may ask? Global warming has been a major issue that has been plaguing our governments and citizens for decades …

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