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The Process of Building a Computer

by Alex   To many people, the process of building a computer sounds extremely arduous, but the truth is far from it. Thanks to modern day technology, the parts of the computer are already put together and all one has to do …

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Oculus Go

by Yi Zhang Finally the VR headset for everyone is here: Oculus Go was released early this month at F8, the Facebook developer conference. The first thing to catch your eye would the price: $199. Yes, a stand-alone high-quality VR headset for …

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Google Trips

by Selena Guo For those planning out their summer vacations right now, I recommend using Google Trips to help you plan. I’m using it right now to plan for when I go to Spain next month and it’s proven to be very …

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User Security and Privacy

by David Zhang Nobody wants others to be able to always keep track of what they are doing. Humans require some degree of privacy, but that privacy has been encroached on by the rise of technology. Tech giants such as Apple, Facebook, …

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The New Instagram?

Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. From the familiar logos the friendly interfaces, these apps are instantly recognizable. However, these popular apps do have their flaws. Users frustrated with the increasing amount of ads on Instagram or the new Snapchat update have turned to Vero …

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Amazon Echo VS. Google Home

By Evan Li Smart speakers, such as the Google Home and Amazon Echo, are speakers that users can interact with. Smart speakers have programmable voice commands, and each speaker has its own unique functions. These can allow users to control their home …

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The Dark Side of Self-Driving

By Serena Mao On March 23rd, 2018, a 38-year-old man commuting to his workplace crashed his Tesla Model X into a median barrier on Highway 101. The man, Walter Huang, was fatally injured and died. Following the initial impact, two other cars …

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The Falcon Heavy

By Bryan Wu Recently, one of the most impressive feats in space exploration history was accomplished by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The Falcon Heavy is the most powerful rocket in the world, more than twice as powerful as the rocket in second place. …

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Auto Trucks

By Bryan Wu Trucking is an extremely boring job, one that requires many, many hours of just driving along highways. Truck drivers face health issues including poor eating habits, high stress, sunburn, back/neck injuries, fatigue, depression, and more. However, with the rise …

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