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Air Conditioners

By: Michelle Hua

In many places around the world, summer can be unbearably hot. To avoid this problem, most people stay indoors and enjoy the cold environment provided by the air conditioner. Air conditioners are extraordinarily effective in cooling down enclosed areas and can help cleanse polluted air before it can enter the buildings. While they are very helpful, air conditioners can also be dangerous. 

Air conditioners are typically beneficial. They cool down large, enclosed areas and lower the humidity level. These ingenious machines can also come with special filters to keep out pollution, including but not limited to bacteria, mold, and dust particles. This creates a safer environment for people with allergies or asthma and can help to prevent minor illnesses.

However, despite the benefits of an air conditioner, these machines can be potentially hazardous. Not all air conditioners can filter out mold and bacteria; most air conditioners only keep out dust and larger particles. It is also possible for an air conditioner to cool down a room but not lower its humidity, resulting in places where bacteria and mold can grow. In larger buildings, a poorly kept air conditioning system could cause sickness and allergies. Because of the high humidity, bacteria that grow within the system is spread throughout the building. Fortunately, this problem can be easily prevented by cleaning out the air conditioner.

Air conditioners are used around the world and help to cool and clean air within buildings. While they can be dangerous if left dirty, they are generally beneficial to humans.

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