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Cutting Toxicity Out of Your Life

By Bianca Zhou With the vast diversity of experiences we gather throughout our lives, we all probably have had, or will have, an unhealthy relationship. An unhealthy relationship doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic, and can be defined as either: a.) A …

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Acne Treatments

Acne is a large insecurity to many students, especially through the hormonal years. Often, pimples are popped and concealer is smeared over blotchy redness to hide the acne. However, those are the common habits that will only make acne worse. Instead, drink …

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10 Minute Workout

     With so much stress in our everyday lives, it’s important to take time for ourselves every once in a while and make sure that our bodies are in prime condition. Although we might not be able to set aside a …

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How to Relieve Stress

By: Dominique Huang Stress. Everyone has felt it at one point or another; it seems as if no one can escape from stress. We will always have deadlines to complete, work to finish, issues to deal with. There are, however, steps we …

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