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Writing Contest 2016 Winners Announced!

Thank you to all our contestants for entering Rising Star Magazine’s Annual Writing Contest for 2016! We really appreciate all of your entries. The winners for this year’s contest are: 1st Place: Shannon Yan 2nd Place: Xu Qiu Yang and Korina Lu 3rd …

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What is Cultural Appropriation?

By Tiffany Teng What is Cultural Appropriation? Why is it so bad for a white person to wear his hair in dreadlocks? How come fans are outraged that Beyonce recently donned a Bollywood-inspired outfit in a new Coldplay music video? And what …

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3D Printing Clay

By: Bryan Wu The 3D printers we know and love today can do many things, and create nearly anything we imagine. However, until now items have been limited to polymer plastics, a handful of metals and glass. However, researchers at HRL Laboratories …

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Becoming a Healthier Student

Being a student is incredibly demanding. From stressing over grades to friendship drama, it is easy to overlook the most important worry of all: taking care of yourself. School should not cost you your health, so remember these tips. Stay focused on …

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The Greatest Experience of my Life

When I first heard of the Youth and Government program, I wasn’t very excited about doing it. The first thing I heard about it was, “you learn about government”. I had no prior interest in government so the description made me feel …

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Rainbow Loom

By: Shannon Yan The Success of Rainbow Loom They started popping up everywhere. The colorful bracelets constructed out of carefully woven rubber bands. Tons of people are wearing them, mostly kids in elementary school, but a few adults too. Publicity is everywhere too; …

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图文:刘美玉 闪亮的漆皮、金属、玻璃、珠饰过去总是和时髦联想一起。可是物极必反,时尚设计家却在回归自然和复古中找到一片新天地。这个由古老的铁茶壶去掉壶底改装的灯罩,用铁链高悬在餐厅的木条长桌上方。柔和温暖的灯光照耀在棒球纪念照上面。棒球是美国人发明的,牛仔的咖啡壶是悬挂在柴火上的。烤肉餐厅老板把缅怀先民、城镇发展、地标风景和热爱球赛的精神展示在这儿与顾客分享。  

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Back to School

Start your school year with style! 1. Fall cleaning Yes, we’ve all heard of spring cleaning. But you should begin your academic year with a refreshing room! Repaint! Throw out broken furniture! Donate old clothes! The result will be mind boggling. Start …

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