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Hair Care Routine for Men

Usually men do not speak about scalp-care or skincare openly, mainly because of gender stereotypes. However, men need a proper grooming routine as much as women do. Even if you have an extremely busy schedule, it’s still necessary to keep your hair healthy. To accomplish this, follow this routine daily regardless of the style and texture of your hair. 

The first rule is to never wash your hair two days in a row. It is understandable that people want to keep their hair and scalp clean, but washing hair daily is not healthy. How often a person should wash their hair depends on what they do in their everyday life. If a person is surrounded by sweat and pollution on a daily basis, they have to wash their hair more often, otherwise people should wash their hair around three to four times a week. Another important thing you have to do is choose a shampoo that works for your hair type. People with dry hair should purchase shampoo with moisture and hydrating agents such as cocoa butter or essential oils. Those with oily hair should look for a shampoo that has lemon, tea tree and chamomile to reduce excess oil in the scalp. After washing your hair, massage your scalp gently. It helps in both relaxation and secretion of natural oils from your scalp. This process is the one most often missed in the majority of hair care routines. When done massaging your hair, you should moisturize. If you have dry hair, use a conditioner to make sure your scalp obtains the necessary moisture. If you have oily hair, go instead for an essential oil rinsing immediately after washing the hair.When choosing products for styling and grooming, you should be very careful and particular. Always choose a product of good quality and that best suits you. Make sure to brush your hair out as it helps with blood circulation throughout the scalp and improves the overall appearance of your hair. Other things you can do to preserve the health of your hair include: protecting your hair from chlorine, using less products in your hair, and drying it gently.

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