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Instant Noodles

By: Michelle Hua

Instant noodles are famous for being affordable and tasty. While it is reasonable to eat instant noodles every once in a while, eating excessive amounts of it can have adverse health effects. 

Most people know that instant noodles don’t provide much nutrition. Most instant noodles are just a square of dried noodles, some flavored powder, and a few scraps of dried vegetables. Even with these limited ingredients, instant noodles still have traces of iron, manganese, and vitamin B. However, the negative side effects vastly outweigh the benefits. The high levels of sodium and MSG can increase the risk of stomach cancer and heart problems. 

Instant noodles themselves can be unhealthy, but other substances in them can make them even more dangerous. In one specific brand of instant noodles, Maggi, both MSG levels and traces of lead were found to be at a much higher rate than allowed, causing the brand to be banned for several months. With another famous brand, Cup Noodles, the foam in the cups can be potentially hazardous. If it is a styrofoam cup, overheating it could lead to chemicals in the cup leaking into the noodles; additionally, the cup itself can lose its structure and collapse.  

Overall, although instant noodles are enjoyable, eating it regularly may not be a good decision. Consuming it in moderation, or just avoiding it altogether, is likely the best choice when it comes to this convenient snack.

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