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Is Trump Who he Says he is?

Is Trump Who he Says he is?

by Michael Yang

As of late, Donald Trump has garnered much controversy over his plans to run for President of the United States. His rash personality, and extreme views have led many to believe that he has no chance of becoming president. However, Trump’s motives may run deeper than simply running in the hopes of getting elected. Increasing evidence suggests that Trump is actually a facade, a distraction created to allow Hillary Clinton to become president.

Donald Trump’s supposed extremely conservative views, particularly on immigration, do not coincide with his views just a few years before. On all matters excluding business, Trump, for most of his life, was very liberal. The fact that he has decided to run as an extremely conservative Republican seems to suggest that he does not personally believe his own campaign speeches and public opinions- rather, they are a guise.

Though Trump is known to make extremely outrageous and deprecatory remarks to other candidates, including fellow Republicans, he has never made a derisive statement towards Hillary Clinton. Instead, he has congratulated and complimented her, and even donated to her presidential campaign! As a fellow presidential candidate, this behavior is odd; to make matters even more suspicious, Donald Trump is not known to be generous; any donations, regardless to whom, should be eyed carefully.

Lastly, Trump has a reason to try to get Hillary Clinton elected. If Trump was to run as an independent, he would attract a large number of conservative votes, detracting from the Republican Party and losing them the race. If he were to run under the Republican Party, however, they would be endorsing his radical viewpoints; thus; they would lose many potential moderate voters, and the race. Thus, Trump running for President is a guaranteed loss for the Republicans.

Trump may have many reasons for trying to get Clinton elected. A person of his wealth could easily be doing this out of boredom, for publicity, or to get Clinton elected in the hopes that her policies would benefit his companies. All we know is that Trump’s motives for running for President go deeper than simply wanting to become President.

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  2. I never really thought about it like that great job nice article. I always thought that campaigners always wanted the job of president and nothing else this gives me a whole new frontier to explore.:D

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