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The Recipe for Sarcasm

By: Ajay Krishnan


The recipe of sarcasm:


You will need anger, eyeballs, pheromones, sarjuice, water, wit, tone, and oil

To make to say the least, sarcasm.


Take anger and tone and dilute in water

If not diluted will fall apart

Just like some of your lives

Fry your eyeballs

In hot oil

To give the fiery look

Of looking through your soul


Mix it all up


Sarjuice is the essence

So do not lose it

Mix it all in for a wonderful work of art


Serve it up immediately

For sarcasm


Right in the moment and not when it’s cold


Sprinkle in the pheromones to transport what’s it called

Oh yes! Dumbness, to transport dumbness


Divide up evenly

Which most people do wrong

Resulting in uneven portions

Of sarcasm


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