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LG G Watch R: Are Smart Watches Useful or Just a Gimmick?

LG Watch

Although they may look like watches, smart watches are actually computers disguised as watches. So what’s the difference between a smart watch and a normal watch, besides the fact that you have to charge your smart watch every day and that it costs $300 more? Well, I have had the privilege of owning an LG G Watch R for a few weeks now, and I can tell you the positives and negatives of having a smart watch.


Out of the hundreds of different smart watches already released to the public, only two round faced watches stand out, one being the G Watch R ($299 retail). Unfortunately, all these watches are running Android Wear software, which is only compatible with Android phones via Bluetooth connection. However, the extremely hyped launch of the Apple Watch looks to bring some more popularity to the wearables market. Some quick specs on the G Watch R: It has a 410 MAH battery that lasts about 2 days on average use, but you’ll want to charge it nightly. The sleek brushed aluminum looks nice, but it adds weight to the watch. The IP67 certification means that you can wear it in the shower and not have to worry about it breaking. I also enjoy the customization for the watch, as changing watch faces and straps is extremely easy.


So has the functionality of the G Watch R improved my life? The built in heart rate sensor and pedometer is quite useful for athletes and runners alike. Although it does lack a speaker, by simply saying, “OK, Google,” you can access a multitude of commands, such as sending messages, taking notes, or asking Google anything. Google’s voice recognition system is extremely accurate, and is even able to pick up whispers (replying to messages in class just became easier). Not only that, the G Watch R makes it easy to remember things as a quick vibration on your wrist reminds you of your schedule for the day. You can even browse the web, although typing on a 1.5 inch screen might be very frustrating. Overall, the G Watch R allows people to keep up with calendar reminders, take notes, keep up with social media such as Facebook, Instagram, respond to text messages, and play games. The 4 GB of storage on most Android Gear devices allows you to install as many applications on your watch as you wish, such as calculator apps, fitness apps, GPS navigation, and much more.

Although smart watches may not appeal to everyone, they can be useful devices that allow you to receive notifications directly on your wrist. Some of the arguably best smart watches out there are: Moto 360, LG G watch R, Pebble Watch, Samsung Gear S. As the demand for smart watches increases in the future, the price will most likely drop as well.


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