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New Dangerous Alexa Feature

Some people are already paranoid that their Alexa machines are invading privacy and are easily hackable. Just wait until they hear that Amazon introduced a new addition to Alexa that allow them to have access to your oven and microwave. In an announcement, Amazon developer Mike Maas said that the first Alexa-powered kitchen appliance would be a microwave from Whirlpool with support for “other cooking devices, such as conventional ovens,” soon. It also states that there will be possibilities for commands like “Alexa, microwave the popcorn” or “Alexa, cook the pizza in the oven.”

It makes you wonder about all the extra risk involved in an AI robot controlling a machine that uses fire. For instance, Alexa can’t physically check what’s in the oven before they turn it on. What if there were remnants of an old meal, or some kid left something in it, or some animal snuck into the house and hid there? Free dinner, I guess. Though it’s scary to think about automating kitchen appliances, I think it would be interesting to have food prepared for me.

The Internet of Things is also extremely hackable, and privacy is already becoming a thing of the past. What would happen if your Alexa was hacked? Would hackers know your cooking preferences? I guess we’ll wait and find out.

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